Connecting elite global talent with APAC’s leading tech startups

We’re a boutique tech recruitment company specialising in headhunting exceptional minds for Asia Pacific’s tech community. From seed level startups, hypergrowth unicorns and multinational corporations, we take an innovative approach to sourcing talent beyond the traditional recruitment playbook.

In today’s competitive tech market, the best talent isn’t always going to land on your doorstep when you’re ready to recruit. Only 36% of the workforce actively seeks alternative career opportunities, but 90% are open to having a discussion for the right opportunity. That’s where we come in.

Our sourcing methodology is geared around targeting “passive” candidates. The kind of people who are busy achieving great things in their current role and definitely not going to be spending their days on the job boards. With our international reach, we’ll scour every corner of the globe to help you find the right talent to grow your business.

From our base in Perth, Australia we partner with first-rate tech companies from all over the Asia Pacific region. Driving our offering is Neil Matthams, who has over 13 years of specialist technical recruitment experience across Australia, Europe and Asia.

Neil maintains a global network of senior stakeholders and has successfully placed hundreds of candidates across multiple industries, spanning from tier one investment banks through to blue chip multinational corporations and unicorn startups.

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Not your average recruitment company

We don’t like to overcomplicate things. Put simply, we make it our mission to:

  • Help our partners source elite talent from anywhere in the world
  • Help our candidates secure life-changing opportunities

Underpinning all of this is our unflinching commitment to providing optimal value to our partners and market leading customer service to our candidates.


What we do

We’ve refined the recruitment process to keep up with today’s demanding market. Through our global networks, talent pools, innovative approach, knowledge and experience, we make it easy for you to attract and retain the very best talent in the world. Here’s how we connect the dots.

Specialist Technical Recruitment

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Talent Mapping

The better informed you are of the current market and landscape, the better you’ll be placed to finding the perfect candidate to join your team.

We have proven experience in mapping out the availability of talent both within Australia and internationally.

Our research capability is targeted, comprehensive, and focused specifically on accessing top tier talent wherever it may be in the world.

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Competitor Analysis

The reality is you’re not the only one on the lookout for talented individuals. Knowing what your competitors are doing puts you one step ahead, and allows you to compare how you stack up against others vying for the same talent.

From our analysis of your competitors, you’ll be able to gain insights into what kind of positions they are looking to fill, and who they are hiring, through to where are they looking and their hiring cycles.

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Salary Benchmarking

Salary benchmarking is vital to ensure your business is attracting and retaining the best talent. Do you wonder whether your remuneration packages are in line with those offered by others in your industry? Getting access to this kind of data can be challenging and a time consuming process, which is why we can save you the time and effort.

If you’re looking to establish competitive salary brackets and pay structures, want to ensure the offers you are presenting are irresistible, or need to align productivity and performance, then having access to benchmarks at a market level and at specific job levels will help you set your numbers straight.

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Hiring Process Review

As with any role you’re looking to fill, there is a process to follow to finding the perfect candidate. We draw upon our extensive experience to review your current recruitment strategies and processes in an effort to reduce your costs, increase engagement and improve your overall result.

When putting together your recruitment plan we consider your budget, timelines, job descriptions, communication channels, candidate screening methods, interview formats and employee onboarding.

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Contingency Model

We know the cost implications of a poorly executed recruitment strategy. This is why we’re committed not just to finding the most suitable applicants but to do so within a high value engagement model.

We operate on a contingency basis, which means we don’t earn a fee until we successfully fill your position. Within this model we also provide our partners with a “proactive search” (aka Headhunting) sourcing model but without the upfront costs of a executive search firm.

In the contemporary recruitment landscape we believe this approach is the smartest way to provide optimal value to our partners.

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How we do it

We look beyond active job seekers to proactively headhunt and present you with qualified professionals, who aren’t actively seeking new opportunities (passive candidates). Instead of focusing on advertising, we build your talent pipeline utilising our innovative headhunting techniques, systems, targeted research, market intelligence and natural drive to track down and lure the best of what the industry has to offer worldwide.

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Research Driven

One of the most satisfying parts of our job is unlocking talent pools in parts of the globe that aren’t typically accessed by traditional recruiters. We achieve this through an exhaustive research process, driven by a love for what we do and executed with the innovative use of technology.

This result of this process has been the successful relocation of candidates from 13 different countries since inception in July 2016.

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Passive Candidates

We don’t target “active” candidates. i.e Candidates that are jobseekers. We believe this is our partners’s job and encourage them to bring these candidates into their talent pipeline through their own direct sourcing channels.

We believe our job is to provide an alternative to the “active candidates” pipeline. We do this by targeting “passive” candidates who are mostly happy in their job, not actively applying for new positions but could be open to discuss the right opportunity.

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No Advertising

It is not uncommon to see the same job, advertised on the same page, on the same platform (eg Seek, Linkedin etc) by both the hiring company and the agency partner. We fail to see the value in adopting this approach to candidate generation. It means that both hiring company and agency partner are competing for the same candidates. This leads to an inefficient recruitment process and a duplication of effort.

We, instead, choose to focus all our energy and resources on what we’re good at; Proactively sourcing elite talent that our partners cannot access through their own direct sourcing channels. By adopting this approach we complement, rather than compete with, our partners own sourcing strategies and thus provide a clear and distinct value-add.

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Candidate Coverage

Our fine-tuned sourcing model and extensive global network provides a pathway for our partners to connect with elite talent, wherever it may be in the world.