7 Reasons Software Engineering is the Ultimate Global Job

Software engineering

7 Reasons Why Software Engineering is the Ultimate Global Job [5 minute read]

We live in an increasingly mobile world. We’re no longer bound to our hometown and the opportunities available to us. This is especially true in software engineering. 

Many of us dream of travelling the world and exploring new cultures, however our professional pursuits and personal dreams typically do not align well. Exploring Europe or Australia typically requires a number of years of hard work to save enough money to fund an extended break while you travel. If you work in software engineering, you are in a rare position to have your cake and eat it too. 

In this post we are going to discuss why we think Software Engineering is the ultimate profession to explore the world and expand your career opportunities. 

1 – Language

Living and working in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language is a scary thought. When you work in Software Engineering, you are one of the lucky few professions where English is the universal language for many technology companies, especially those in large tech hubs such as Berlin, Singapore, and Tel Aviv. 

These tech meccas are abundant with expats working in the thriving startup ecosystems and offer an amazing opportunity to integrate into a new country, find an English speaking job, and build your social circle without the culture shock of needing to learn a new language.

*Note: While the cities mentioned above offer amazing opportunities for English speaking expats, we highly recommend investing the time and learning the local language once you are settled into your new city. Not only will this make life outside of work a lot easier, you will gain a lot of respect from the locals when you take the time to communicate in their language. Many tech companies offer language classes as a perk when joining, so be sure to take advantage of the resources that are available to you. 

2 – Tech Hubs in Major Cities

Another reason why Software Engineering is the ultimate global profession is the hundreds of amazing cities across the globe to choose from. In 2019, most major cities around the world have an established startup and tech ecosystem, which means there are loads of job opportunities available. 

Whether you’re interested in the sunshine and beaches in Sydney, or cultural diversity and vibrant nightlife of Singapore, you are going to have a much easier time finding a suitable job in software engineering than most other professions. 

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3 – Work Remotely

With a laptop, wifi connection and software tools such as Slack, Asana, and Skype, we no longer need to be chained to our desks or home office. Software Engineering offers a great opportunity to work remotely, either from your hometown working for a large overseas company, or while you travel through south east asia freelancing and enjoying the beaches of Thailand during your lunch break. 

The digital nomad moving has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, which means there are a lot of resources out there to make the transition to remote work easier. In particular, we recommend checking out Nomad List, which is a community curated platform that ranks the top cities for remote workers based on factors including: Internet speed, cost of living, lifestyle, safety, weather, and expat community. Check out Nomad List here.

4 – Transferable Skills

Unlike many other high paying professions such as medical professionals or lawyers, software engineers do not face the same geographic restrictions and bureaucracy when relocating to a new country. This means you can take your craft anywhere in the world and you do not need to complete a new certification just to operate. 

While you won’t face the same level of bureaucracy as other professions, it is very important to make sure you continuously learning as a software engineer, and staying on top of trends. While skills are transferable across countries, they are also made redundant very quickly with the current rate of technology, so make sure you make time for professional development.

5 – Market Demand

Global demand for software engineers has never been higher, especially if you specialise in Blockchain or security. A recent study by Hired revealed global demand in 2019 for Blockchain engineers grew by a massive 517%, while Security engineers also grew by 132%.

As we transition into a more connected and technology focused world, this demand is only going to increase, which means software engineers are in a prime position to benefit with higher salaries and more opportunities, wherever they are looking. 

Global demand for software engineers 2019

6 – Great Salaries 

In addition to the flexibility and vast number of opportunities available, software engineers typically fetch some of the highest salaries in their respective countries outside of medical professions. 

In 2019, software engineers working in major cities around the world are looking at an average annual salary of $90,000+ USD. Specialists and highly experienced software engineers can expect figures much higher. 

While money doesn’t guarantee happiness, it does means you are likely to have a high (and very comfortable) standard of living no matter where you decide to relocate to… and plenty of money to fund your caffeine habits for those late night coding sessions.

7 – More Likely to be Approached for Jobs

Thanks to the skyrocketing global demand for software engineers, your next job is more likely to find you. When you are talented in your craft, and have a great profile, it is not uncommon for software engineers to get approached by headhunters and recruiters several times per week. 

While you might not always be interested, it is always encouraged to have a good online presence, including your LinkedIn profile and social profiles to highlight your skills and experiences. You never know when your dream role is going to come knocking (or in 2019, into your LinkedIn direct messages).

Many of our clients had comfortable jobs in their home cities before we approached them for roles at top global technology companies, often relocating to the other side of the world several weeks later for a life changing experience.

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