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When it comes to sourcing and recruiting top tier candidates, leading tech companies from around the Asia Pacific region look towards our unique specialist recruitment services to identify, attract and secure the very best talent to grow their business.


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Words from Candidate and Partners


I was lucky to get contacted by Neil while in active search for new opportunities. He helped me find an amazing job I wasn’t even considering due to unawareness of Australian job market….Neil was honest from our first call and quite modest and no-frills about the opportunity he was representing, although it was obvious (from other sources) that the job he was talking about was awesome. Later on during the process Neil would only contact me when it was necessary for concrete actions and I never found it burdening or effort-demanding replying to his emails due to his style of communication: very respectful and appropriate, yet brief and informal. Personally I found this particular aspect especially valuable since job search is a hard and busy time for any professional and correspondence with recruiters can be pretty time-consuming. Neil was also considerate and understanding when it came to other companies I was interviewing with. He didn’t try to push for the role he was offering and was rather facilitating the process and giving advice than actively trying to recruit me. I truly enjoyed and appreciate Neil’s help and can definitely recommend him.

Victoria T
Software Engineer, Canva

I was hunted down by Neil and moved from Saint-Petersburg, Russia to Singapore. I didn’t think about relocation at all when Neil contacted me, just decided to give it a try and somehow I live in another part of the world now 🙂 It was a real pleasure working together – I was fully aware of the current state and the whole process, got many valuable hints and there always was a feeling that he cares (which is a rare thing in HR, at least in my experience). Being obsessed with programming, I value professionals in any sphere and Neil is definitely one of the best in his field. Also, he is a very nice-to-work-with guy. Thank you!

Denis Z
Vice President, Credit Suisse

Neil is THE best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. He puts all other recruiters to shame. He has an in-depth understanding of technology and often finds candidates that not only fits our tech requirements but also, our company culture. He’s helped me build the MoneySmart Engineering team (from hiring our CTO to our full stack developers). If I had to sum him up in 3 words – Neil is genuine, patient and very hardworking. Thank you Neil, you kick ass!

Richa V
Talent Acquisition, TransferWise

Anyone who has tried to build engineering team knows that its no mean feat in this region (APAC). I have worked with numerous recruiters in my journey of attracting talent for high growth companies. Neil & his team has always surprised me with interesting profiles and commitment to fine tune the search as we go along. I count on him as a partner in building great engineering teams because 1.) I don’t like to be wrong in picking right talent for the team 2.) There are very less recruiters like Neil who care to nourish/invest in partnerships.

Abhishek P
CTO, Startups

I was very satisfied with Neil’s services. He proposed me an interesting position, gave all the required information, was very helpful at every step of acquiring the job and provided useful information about relocation and getting visa. Neil was quick at answering my questions. All the interactions with him were very friendly and positive. I rate Neil as a top level talent hunter and strongly recommend his services.

Andrei T
Software Engineer, Canva

Neil is the best recruiter I know. He not only introduced me to many hot opportunities, but also has been a fantastic career advisor.

Leandro G
VP Engineering

Neil is absolutely one of the most professional tech recruiters I have ever know.
He is kind, sincere, knows the IT business well, and actually thinks for your best interest.
Neil helped me with the process of securing my new role and was super supportive all the way through.

Frontend Engineer, Canva

Neil’s been a wonderful recruitment partner to Canva. He took the time to really understand our business, technical requirements, and where we set the bar (somewhere up in the stratosphere). He’s tenacious and worked insanely hard to really lock-in exactly what we were looking for — and he delivered. In the early days, where each hire carries substantially more risk, he helped us bring on board some amazing engineers that continue to smash goals year on year. His honest, ethical, and straight-forward communication approach puts him miles ahead of his competitors. I can count on three fingers the number of recruiters partners that I actually rate. Neil is one of them, I highly recommend him, irrespective of whether you’re an up-and-coming startup (like Canva was) or a larger organization looking to raise the bar.

Francisco M
Backend Recruitment Lead, Canva

I worked with Neil when I had to hire Data Scientists for Teralytics….Neil was one of the few head-hunters who managed to place any candidates with us and his candidates were impressive colleagues after they joined us. Neil took the time to understand our culture and read beyond the job descriptions to understand candidates who were suitable for us. He knew what was unique about our company and positioned accordingly to candidates. It was never about making a deal for the sake of deal-making but finding the suitable match between the candidate’s aspirations and the company’s growth. For that reason, I highly recommend Neil to companies and candidates!

Zhihao L
Head of Asia

Neil is one of the best recruiters that I was working with. He has a unique blend of technical knowledge and natural curiosity which allows him to profile candidates more thoroughly than his competitors. I would have no hesitation to recommend Neil to any company, client or business partner.

Alex T
Director, Credit Suisse